If you're planning on getting out of town for a Thanksgiving, you could do way worse than check this place out.

It's the kind of place that is perfect even if it's just for the drive itself.

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My wife and I have made the trek to this city multiple times over the years just because the scenery in the fall is so darn gorgeous.


In case you still don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to Galena, Illinois.

Believe it or not, Galena was just highlighted as one of America's finest Thanksgiving towns according to Country Living.

With its perfectly preserved 19th-century buildings, this Midwestern hamlet looks as if it's frozen in time. About 85 percent of the town is a national historic district. Fall brings an explosion of colors to the surrounding rolling hills and valleys. Visit the historic attractions, browse one-of-a-kind boutiques on Main Street, and save enough time for a stop at the local watering hole, Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.

Galena looks like the kind of town perfect for a Hallmark holiday flick, and since that's the case it would also be the perfect spot for one centered around Thanksgiving.


It's also not that far from Rockford so it's totally worth the drive even if it's just a simple day trip.

Have you ever spent Thanksgiving in Galena? What do you think? Does it live up to the hype or what?

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