Next time you're down at a bike path and see tons of wild geese roaming around, think twice before you start feeding them.

Every time I'm down at the Sinnissippi bike path in Rockford, Illinois, I always end up with geese droppings on the bottom of my shoes.  It's bound to happen to everyone since so many geese chill by the Rock River.

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A handful of times I've seen people feeding them human food and that's probably what's make them poop everywhere!  Geese probably shouldn't be ingesting human food because their bodies aren't built to consume what we do.

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Is it even legally allowed to feed wild geese?  That's what I wanna know!

Know The Law: Can I Legally Feed Wild Geese In Illinois?

It's technically not against the law to feed geese in Illinois, but it is when there are deer in the area.

"It is unlawful to make available food, salt, mineral blocks or other products for ingestion by wild deer or other wildlife in areas where wild deer are present." []



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Based on each city, there could be an ordinance put in place.  It's suggested you contact the mayor's office or city council if you're really concerned about the city ordinances.

Since geese are herbivores, it's 100% better for their health and well-being if people do not feed them.  I bet if the public didn't feed geese then there wouldn't be as much poop around the bike paths to dodge.  That'd be nice!

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