Another puppy mill pet store in Rockford, Illinois officially closed their gates and residents couldn't be more thrilled to say bye-bye!

Usually, we would be sad to see a business shut down in town, but not when the company operates with inhumane breeding facilities. Remember Petland?  When they shut down in Rockford, everyone was ecstatic.  Now, it's Furry Babies' turn to go!



After seeing a Facebook post from a woman named Kathy Mehalko, people are screaming with joy after hearing the news Furry Babies is officially gone from CherryVale Mall.

Here's what her post said:
"I am beyond thrilled and excited to say after years of protesting, letter writing, meeting with local representatives and the like....
According to the surrounding stores they shut down this week. The store is completely gated and 100% empty inside except for the obvious odor of puppy perfume.
This is the first time I've been inside of CherryVale Mall since 2012 when the manager of the mall renewed Furry Babies lease."

Furry Babies has been around for over a decade in Rockford, but it definitely could've gotten shut down sooner than later.  It took this many years to get a puppy mill pet store out of business?

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Facebook users had a lot to say about the store closing.

"Sadly the fastest strategy would have been everyone to boycott. It could have been shut in 30 days." - Pam R.

"Whooo hooo! The damage they did to pups as well as the scams they perpetrated on the elderly were disgusting." - Crystal F.

"And in case you don't know, there's a new law after 1-1-2024 that states you can no longer finance dogs or cats in Illinois. Let's hope their other locations also close" - Ida C.

Shoutout to Kathy and everyone else who has been doing the work to put an end to puppy mill pet stores.  You're angels!

Now that Furry Babies is gone, what do you think will occupy that location at the mall?

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