Excitement is hopping back into Rockford, Illinois as the Easter Bunny makes a cheerful return to CherryVale Mall!

If you have been wanting to make a trip to CherryVale Mall but haven't had a reason to go, this could be the perfect family affair. Whether you're bringing kids to meet or your furbabies, the Easter Bunny will be in town really soon.

The Easter Bunny went to Build-A-Bear last year... wonder where they'll go this year?  A teddy bear does make a perfect goodie for an Easter Basket, though!

Here's When The Easter Bunny Returns To Rockford's CherryVale Mall

The Easter Bunny is making an appearance at CherryVale Mall starting on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024.  Just a few weeks away!

From CherryVale Mall's Facebook page,

"Make your reservations early to ensure you and your family have a hoppy time! Pet photos are available every Monday, too!  Bring your furry friends along for some adorable snapshots!"


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Every Monday, your pets can get a photo with the East Bunny, too!

Reservations are highly recommended so you and your entire family can have a photo session all to yourselves without the hassle of waiting in line.  You're basically like VIP!

CherryVale Mall - FB
CherryVale Mall - FB

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According to the event calendar, you can visit the Easter Bunny at CherryVale Mall between Wednesday, March 6th and Saturday, March 30th.  That gives guests a little over three weeks to get out to the mall!

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