After an Illinois woman found suspicious dollar bills wrapped around her car door handle, she's urging others to refrain from touching money left on their cars.

Last week, I shared a story about a carjacking scam that's circulating Illinois right now.  Carjackers will place fake money on your windshield and hope you get out of your car to grab the money so they can steal your vehicle.


Now, an Illinois woman is warning of the potential dangers of touching money after she found random dollar bills on her car door.

Beware Of Dangerous Dollar Bill Scam Targeting Cars In Illinois

This happened in the Smokey Bones parking lot in Rockford, Illinois.

A woman and her family were leaving the restaurant when they approached their car and found dollar bills hanging around their passenger-side door handle.

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Heather Helen - FB
Heather Helen - FB

Tons of people are wondering, "what is so harmful about someone putting random money on your vehicle?"

Reported in multiple states, there have been cases where people find money on their car that are laced with Fentanyl.

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We don't know if that was the case for this Rockford family, but it's very possible.  Others said it could be a sex trafficking trap or another carjacking situation.

You can never be too cautious when something seems too good to be true.  C'mon, who's giving out free money? NOBODY!


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The woman called the cops immediately to report the suspicious cash on their truck, but no further updates about what the authorities said about the cash.

One comment said, "they cover it with drugs that can make you very sick………………. If you’re lucky." [Jim E.]

Another commenter said, "if you are a girl alone or with friends please make sure to watch surroundings very scary!" [Calli E.]

If you're ever alone and find money on your car, call cops immediately.  You never know who is watching you from a distance or what the money is covered with.  Stay safe - anyone can fall victim at any time!

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