With all the talk about Disney World's Headquarters' potential move to Illinois, let's remember what happened the first time Disney opened something in this state.

I have been to Disney World in Florida 23 times in my lifetime - and I'm only 25.  It really is a very magical place, but it's most enjoyable when it's sunny, not raining or snowing.

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One of my favorite places at Disney, before they demolished it, was DisneyQuest.

The indoor Theme Park opened for the first time at Downtown Disney on June 19th, 1998 with five-floors of interactive attractions and arcade games for guests of all ages!

I just found out it was, at one time, in Chicago, Illinois.  Did you know that?!

DisneyQuest in Chicago, Illinois

If anything, it would make sense to just open another DisneyQuest in Illinois since it's indoors.  On June 16th, 1999, Disney went all out and opened their first DisneyQuest chain in Chicago.

"While the Chicago building’s dimensions and attractions were slightly smaller than its Orlando counterpart, it largely followed the same set-up as the first center, with five floors and four themed areas." [AllEars]

There's only one problem: the first time it opened in Chicago, it didn't do so well.

In September of 2001, Disney jumped ship and shut down the Chicago location because of budgets cuts, skyrocketing admission prices, limited space for guests, and lines were incredibly long.

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Fast forward to 2023, there is so much talk about moving the Disney Headquarters to Illinois and even hope they build an entirely new Theme Park here.

If Disney doesn't actually consider expanding their Headquarters into Illinois, how about another go at DisneyQuest?  After all, Illinois is home to Walt Disney himself!

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