You probably thought you knew what to look for when speeding in Illinois, now a new high-tech method can catch you and you won't even know it happened.

Correction: You'll know you were busted, you just won't know it happened until the speeding ticket shows up in the mail.

Years ago, I heard a comedian say, "Instead of only building cars that can go 0 to 60mph in only a few seconds, how about some car manufacturer coming up with a car that can go from 95 down to 65mph on a dime once you see a cop."

With the kind of technology that exists now, it won't matter how fast you can slow down once you see an officer on the interstate. I've felt on more than a few occasions that my quickly slowing down has kept some officers from pulling me over, but that won't matter if the machine in this video catches you speeding.

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New High-Tech Way To Get Ticketed for Speeding

I cannot confirm if this technology is in Illinois yet, but if it's effective at discouraging and catching speeders (and generating revenue) then it won't be long before we see it in Illinois.

This video was shared on Instagram by @wttwpodcast, which is not WTTW, Chicago's PBS TV station, it is a podcast named, Word To The Wise. The caption states that the speeder-catching machine was on Interstate 95 and I'm going to assume it's around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as that is from where the podcast originates.

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@bonesomingo said,

If any car in Philly needed 2 get jacked, it’s this

@bmensinger_golf said,

More unconstitutional bulls***. If you don’t like “speeders” don’t drive the highways. It’s people driving below posted limits and playing on their phones that get people hurt or killed, not the ones moving past you in the fast lane. Skilled drivers driving fast get out of way more scary situations than they cause

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If these exist in Illinois or Wisconsin, I've yet to encounter them (that I know of). Many of the comments said they're in other states.

Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign

It wasn't until I read this comment from @hill_07tyler that I realized how and why these machines are being used.

I'm saying this as a trucker who drives in PA a lot. If you're in an active work zone almost anywhere in PA you can expect to see one of these. They're almost all white Jeeps like this one. Plus there's many other states that do this. Just remember that these workers are only trying to do their jobs. It's unsafe for them if you're flying through work zones at 65-70 mph. Also in most work zones there's no place for a cop to pull you over so that's where these camera cars come in. All these cars usually consist of is a radar system (like any cop would have) and a license plate camera that's triggered when you go so far over the posted speed limit. In most cases it's a civil penalty and doesn't count against your driving record, though this can vary by state. I'm a long-haul trucker so I see this all over the country in various forms. If you come across a work zone just slow down to whatever the speed limit is and listen to the signs. They're not out to get you. It's to encourage safer driving and protect the workers.

Like @hill_07tyler said, be 'encouraged' by these machines, not 'ticketed' by one. What do you think?

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