When it comes to Illinois, there's one month that takes the reigns as the coldest and snowiest month of the year.

As temperatures start to drop the closer we get to winter, we start pulling out our long sleeves, coats, gloves, and fuzzy boots.  The weather in this all-seasons state is always so unpredictable, so when will it really start getting brutally chilly outside?

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Looking at an extended forecast, it looks like mid-November is when we will start seeing temps drop into the 40's and snow will drizzle it's way down.  40 degrees isn't too horrible, but it's definitely not "shorts and slides" type of weather...

January isn't looking any better, either.  Yippee.

Illinois' Coldest & Snowiest Month Isn't Too Far Away

Don't let January's weather forecast interfere with your plans during winter!

According to freetoursbyfoot, January tends to be the coldest and snowiest month out of the entire year in Illinois.  Makes sense, it is in the dead middle of winter.

According to Farmer's Almanac,

"For Illinois, Wisconsin, and the rest of the Midwest, the Farmers' Almanac says January and February should bring lower-than-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice (and) rain." [97ZOK]



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Sure, this isn't the news we wanted to hear but don't worry.  You'll still be able to enjoy everything in Chicago and surrounding cities if you bundle up enough!


Start planning your winter wardrobe now because January will be here before you know it and we know Illinoisans are so bad at dressing accordingly for the weather.

Don't forget an ice scraper, either.  Your windshields will thank you later!

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