Finding the perfect Christmas tree is an adventure in itself.  Keeping a real one alive?  That's a whole different journey.

Since I can remember, my parents have always had an artificial Christmas tree we would decorate as a family, every year.  Then, we all got older, moved out, and my parents donated the tree to a family in need of one.

I've always wondered what it was like to go to a tree farm and cut our own tree down!

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I've heard it's a lot to maintain, especially when it is nearing the end of it's life.  Honestly, they have a short lifespan and that makes me sad!

After Five Weeks Your Christmas Tree Will Start To Die

Depending on how well you take care of your tree, it could last four to five weeks before it completely dries out.  How can you tell, though?  If the tree isn't shedding, you're doing it right!

"If needles are turning brown or dropping needles, or if the branches begin sagging or breaking, your Christmas tree may be dying and it's time to dispose of it. Look out for yellow or dry tree branches." [ghk]

Start taking the ornaments off and tossing out branches as soon as you notice the tree dying.  If you don't, there could be needles all over that you don't want to clean up.


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According to Brayton (my friend's stepson), he said all you need to do is water the tree and it should keep it alive forever!  Kids know best, right?

Here are a few ways to keep your gorgeous Christmas tree from dying on you quickly.

#1: Choose a healthy tree with little to no brown needles

#2: Water the tree well & place in water right when you get home

#3: Trim the trunk

#4: Keep away from heat sources in your home

What success have you had keeping your Christmas tree alive?  Share your tips!

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