A Chicago Transit Authority employee had an interesting day at work when a random man started chasing him with a giant, pointy stick.

This actually sounds made up, but anything is possible, and totally believable, when you live in a city that has almost three million people and tons of crime.

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I was going down a TikTok rabbit hole (typical me lol) when I stopped on this video of two men chasing each other around, what looks to be, a train station in Chicago.

Not only are they chasing each other, but one has a giant stick and the other man is holding pepper spray.  Why?  Let's find out!

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TikTok - @mariaschroe
TikTok - @mariaschroe

After some investigating, of course this all went down at Chicago's very own Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

Illinois CTA Employee Chased By Man With Giant Stick [VIDEO]

I'm so glad the algorithm brought me back to this TikTok.  This is the most random video I've seen in a while.  No context, just two men chasing each other with a stick and pepper spray.

Take a look at one of many crazy things that happens every day in Chicago:

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Also, there is another person, with a front row seat, witnessing the entire situation and minding their own business.

That would TOTALLLLLLY be me, but I'd also be too afraid to move from my spot.

TikTok - @mariaschroe
TikTok - @mariaschroe6

Nobody really explained what prompted the hooded man to chase the CTA employee around the station, but karma really said "I'M HERE!" when the CTA employee got revenge and started chasing the hooded man with the stick.

Oh how the tables have turned...

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