Illinois police are investigating a burglary that happened at Soldier Field in Chicago after thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen from the stadium.

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I only saw this burglary news after hearing Popstar, Taylor Swift, and Tight End for the Kansa City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, are officially an item.

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Was this "Traylor" romance all a distraction so someone could steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment from Chicago's Soldier Field without anybody noticing?

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I'm kidding.

The Bears have already had a rough season, but at least this hit doesn't have anything to do with their performance on the field.

"The Bears have lost 13 straight games dating back to last year, which is the longest active streak in the NFL." [cbssports]

Anyway... back to more important news:

$100,000 Worth Of Equipment Stolen From Chicago Bears Stadium

Earlier this month, someone broke into Soldier Field in Chicago and stole ride-along lawn mowers and John Deere Gators, which belonged to a contractor.

What's worse?  The thieves tore down an entire security fence to gain access to the equipment and drive out of the garage they were stored in.  Yikes.

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Out of all the places, this specific area of the Soldier Field stadium did not have surveillance cameras to capture the burglary.

According to a spokesperson,

"The equipment was insured, and the stadium and subcontractor are working with police to identify the thieves and determine what steps can be taken to better secure the area" [kmbc]

And my favorite part of this? The spokesperson said this theft had nothing to do with the Chicago Bears.  Well, glad to end this on a good note!

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