As we get through the doldrums of winter people need something to look forward to.

For a lot of folks, Valentine's Day is perfect for couples, it's a chance to get out and celebrate their coupledom.

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If you're single, Valentine's Day is the worst, unless you live in one of the best states for uncoupled people.

There aren't too many states better to be single in than Illinois and Wisconsin.

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That's because just listed Illinois and Wisconsin at #6 and #7 on their list of Best & Worst States for Singles.

The research shows Illinois as the 5th best place in America for "dating opportunities" and ranked Wisconsin 6th best for "romance & fun."

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Dating opportunities according to WalletHub were measured using different metrics including:

  • Share of Single Adults
  • Gender Balance
  • Online-Dating Opportunities
  • Mobile-Dating Opportunities
  • Online Dating Participation
  • Openness to Relationships

Romance & fun metrics used the number of restaurants, attractions, parks, fitness and rec centers, theaters, amusement parks, music festivals, nightlife, access to bars, crime rate, and online dating safety to come up with a number.

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Surprisingly, Homesnacks says Urbana, and not Chicago is the best city in Illinois for single. Maybe it's the college aspect that makes Urbana a better choice than the Windy City?

If that's the case, I guess we shouldn't be so surprised to see what is the best city for single people in Wisconsin.

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Homesnacks says Madison is the best for singles with another college town, La Crosse ranked second.

What city in Illinois or Wisconsin do you think is the best for single people?

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