There's one really important reason why we should be really careful about what we carry with us around major crowds during this hectic holiday season.

There are obviously more shoppers out and about around this time of year; Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.  Everyone is trying to get their shopping done all at the same time and it can get dangerous in more ways than one.

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From car accidents, to aggravated shoppers, to getting your belongings stolen right from your pockets, we have to be extremely careful and aware of our surroundings when shopping this holiday season.

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Holiday Shoppers Look For Bargains On Black Friday
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Avoid This & Protect Yourself During Black Friday Madness In Illinois

Avoid keeping your phone, wallet, keys, and valuables in an exposed pocket where pickpockets could easily swipe it from you.

One year while I was Black Friday shopping at CherryVale Mall with a friend, someone walked by and grabbed her phone from her jacket.  She didn't even know someone stole her phone until an hour later when she went to text someone.


Here are some ways to ensure you won't get your belongings stolen when you're joining in on the madness during the holiday season:

#1: Wear a jacket with an inside pocket for extra safety

#2: Use a fanny pack so it's on the front of you at all times

#3: Don't carry more than you need when you're shopping

#4: Shop with friends so there are others looking out for you

Obviously, we shouldn't have to fear that our stuff will get stolen because we like to think everyone has good intentions, but that's just not the world we live in today.

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