My first thought when I see national lists that talk about food for the entire country I get a little weary.

Mostly because I feel by the time I get to the #1 whatever it might be it's usually something that is so very out of reach for me.

So when I was checking out Far & Wide's list of Fast-Food French Fries, Ranked From Worst to First, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to #1.

Man with handful of fries
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Not because it's some kind of Illinois or Wisconsin original or anything (seriously though, where is Culver's?) but because it's something I can actually try today.

That is if I take out a small loan of course.

Far & Wide says Five Guys makes the best fast food fries in all the land.

According to the chain, its fries are made are freshly made and cooked in cholesterol-free oil. We're inclined to believe this is true because the taste really is superior to any of its fast food competitors.

You can get fries in regular or Cajun flavors — both of which are perfectly crispy.

The fresh fries are part of the reason they're so darn expensive compared to the rest of the, erm, "guys."

Mashed looked into why it costs an arm and a leg to eat at Five Guys and came up with some good reasons:

  • Only fresh ingredients
  • Premium products
  • Portion size

So you're definitely paying for quality but man, an order of Little Fries on the Five Guys menu will run you $5.19.

Those better be some pretty charming premium products.

Five Guys is located at 6820 East State Street in Rockford.

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