It's not every day you see a cat play fetch just like a dog, until you come to my apartment and play with my furbaby, Noodles, aka Noodz.

I adopted my 2-year-old tabby from PAWS Humane Society when he was just a few months old.  Originally, I went looking for a cat that had tons of energy but also loved cuddling with me.  That's when I found Noodles!

attachment-noodz squishy

He was captured with his entire family underneath someone's deck.  Noodles was the only one that didn't run away - I don't expect anything less from my baby!

Within the first 3 months after adopting him, Noodles started showing signs that he was more like a dog than a cat.  You see, he discovered the joy of fetch.

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That's right, my cat plays fetch like a dog. And it's absolutely hilarious because nobody believes me until they see it for themselves!  He also loves bean bag chairs.

attachment-noodles beanbag

Fast forward to now, Noodles plays fetch with only Q-tips and bottle caps.  I figured it'd be a fun way for him to get some exercise in, but quickly realized he will spend hours at a time fetching his Q-tips.

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It's EXHAUSTING, not like he cares though.  He's always staring at me like this... just waiting for me to throw a Q-tip.  You can see it in his eyes.

attachment-noodz play

I finally recorded myself playing fetch with Noodles and people were shocked by his dog-like instincts.  I guess nobody else's cats play fetch quite like this?

Take a look at the video and tell me this isn't the cutest thing EVER!

I'm just glad to have a cat that's so playful and fun. Noodles does have a sister, Ramen. She's not as active... usually just annoyed by Noodles (lol).

attachment-ramen (2)


Noodz has brought a lot of joy into my life since adopting him, though! I'm also thrilled to share the joy of my dog-like cat with the world!

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