Are you looking to celebrate the rest of summer with the best ice cream in the area? You're in luck, because the Stateline's Best Ice Cream was just announced!

When I'm not at ZOK, you'll find me over at GDS eating and drinking things.

Every month on Good Day Stateline, which airs at 5:30 and 11 on FOX39, we search for the Stateline's Best something and this month, I had the honor of helping my team at GDS look for the Stateline's Best Ice Cream.

I know, rough life I live.

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On our search to find the Stateline's Best Ice Cream we visited four different spots in the area.

Dairyhaus in Rockton, IL

M&M Dari Ripple in South Beloit, IL

Willyum's Dari Fair in Rockford, IL

and Udderly Delicious in Capron, IL

After all of the ice cream was eaten and the votes were counted, there could only be one winner.

That winner is... Udderly Delicious in Capron, IL!

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Udderly Delicious is one of the newest ice cream shops in Northern Illinois and gets their premium ice cream from a shop in Madison called The Chocolate Shoppe, which they serve in cups, cones and nacho form.


You can't buy this ice cream in the store, you can only get it from one of the few ice cream places that The Chocolate Shoppe allows.


The flavors are delicious and have fun flavors too, including a few non-dairy options of actual ice cream, which is very hard to find!

You can visit Udderly Delicious at 115 E Main Street in Capron, let me know what you order


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