A 62-year-old woman in Livingston County, Michigan got busted for shoplifting at a Walmart on December 2nd. Now, there is no "good day" to shoplift from a store, but I would bet you that any criminal would wager that there's no worse day to do it than on "Shop With A Cop" day.

According to Michigan State Police, 75 police officers from different agencies present at a "Shop With A Cop" event at that particular Walmart. It's an event that gives kids the opportunity, thanks to donations from local businesses, to partner up with police officers to shop for themselves and their families for the holiday season.

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The woman, who has yet to be publicly named, was seen attempting to shoplift items from the store by an employee, who let a Michigan State Trooper who was participating in the event know what was happening.

The trooper followed the woman out to her vehicle, which was parked next to all the patrol vehicles of the officers who were participating in the event, the report said.

The woman, from Haslett, was arrested on the scene with the $727.86 worth of merchandise that she took from the store.

She was taken to the Livingston County Jail.

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