One Illinois town is done with any early morning drink service.

Remember the days we had the capacity to stay out late and party until the wee hours of the morning? For a lot of us, those days might as well be the Stone Ages and now we're in bed by 10:00. That's kinda the vibe that an Illinois town is going for.

According to NBC Chicago, the town of Cicero passed an ordinance yesterday that requires bars to not sell alcohol past midnight. 

It's like a boozy Cinderella rule.


In the state of Illinois (including Cicero up until now), last call is legally required in the state to be at 2:00 a.m.

Cicero has a population of about 84,000 people in the Chicagoland area. It impacts about 20 restaurants, 30 bars, and 35 carry-out establishments. As you can probably guess, it's getting mixed reactions.

Cicero town spokesperson Ray Hanania makes the argument that it can curb violence, stating:

Many of these establishments unfortunately, they have problems with patrons that drink too much that get into fights that are rowdy, a lot of these establishments are in residential areas. It's not unusual to have people who've been drinking to be outside firing weapons, we had something like that about a week ago. They fired 10 Shots, the police are being burdened by this problem.

The bars, as you can also probably guess, are not fans. They're arguing an earlier last call can be a major loss in revenue. City officials are planning a meeting with bar owners to address those concerns.

For a lot of us who have been out past midnight, we know it can get wild. That's often the point in the night when you're carrying your blacked-out bestie or you see fights.

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