The list of fugitives on the run from the law in Wisconsin is long, but some of the most recent need to be located the most as their past indicates they could be very dangerous.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections has an unbelievably long list of individuals they're trying to find. The state of Wisconsin says "Each subject identified on this page has failed to register as a convicted sexual offender as required under Wisconsin law. Do not search, detain, or arrest based on this information."

The add that you should not try to apprehend any of these individuals yourself. Instead, they ask that you contact law enforcement in Wisconsin immediately. Based on their database, these 10 men are among the most recent convicted criminals who remain on the run.

Wisconsin's Most Wanted Fugitives on the Run from the Law

Gallery Credit: Wisconsin Department of Corrections

To emphasize, if you see or know the whereabouts of any of these Wisconsin men, DO NOT try to apprehend them. Call 911 or your local Wisconsin law enforcement department and provide any information you have.

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