If the experiments that Walmart has already started implementing is successful, you could see some big changes coming to some Walmart locations in Wisconsin and possibly soon.

Walmart has many locations in Wisconsin including 82 supercenters, 10 Sam's Clubs and 2 Neighborhood markets according to their corporate site. It's those last two Neighborhood Markets including the one in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin that would be affected by changes they've already implemented in a store in Atlanta, Georgia and one in Florida.

The press release says that Walmart has made experimental changes including enlarging the Neighborhood markets by about 17,000 square feet compared to a typical store. Specifically, they're making the deli area including the "Fresh" section much larger which means a better selection and more "hot box" options.

They also say they're making the Neighborhood Market checkout aisles wider with the concept that you'll be able to get into the store, get what you want, pay for it and then exit quickly.

When will these changes come to the 2 Neighborhood Markets in Wisconsin?

Walmart says they're planning to bring these experimental changes to other stores and will evaluate each market based on need. You'd think with the recent closure of the Milwaukee Neighborhood Market that the Mt. Pleasant location would be a prime location for upgrades considering the population center that it now serves. The press release didn't specify which locations would be next, but you'd have to think that the Wisconsin Neighborhood Market would be high on their list. Time will tell.

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