Well, this was unexpected by many. What began as a purchase of one big bargain retailer by another has resulted in 1,000 Family Dollar stores closing. The question now is if and/or how many Missouri and Illinois locations will be affected.

I saw many media outlets including CNN report that Dollar Tree announced today that it will be closing 1,000 Family Dollar stores. The press release by Dollar Tree in quarterly earnings is very dire in regards to how many stores will be affected and where those stores are located.

It appears this closing will include 600 Family Dollar stores in the first half of 2024 with another 370 Family Dollar stores "over the next several years" with 30 Dollar Tree stores also to be closed during that time.

The official Family Dollar website shows dozens currently in Missouri and also Illinois. There is no confirmation as of this writing if any (or how many) of these Missouri and Illinois stores will be closed.

The overall report by Dollar Tree shows a 6.3% increase in revenue for Dollar Tree with a loss of 1.2% for their Family Dollar stores.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once exact store closing locations are given and whether that directly affects Missouri and Illinois stores.

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