If a self-proclaimed time traveler is correct, Missouri will have a very bad July this year as he says a super volcano will blanket the state in ash. The good news for Missouri is he's probably the worst time traveler in history. Literally.

I'm not one who should be judging others, but even someone like me could probably guess the future better than Eno Alaric who is making claims on TikTok that he's returned to 2024 from the year 2671 and is warning us of imminent catastrophes.

Pay special attention to what he says about July of 2024.

His claim is that the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park will erupt and blanket every state including Missouri with ash. There's just one problem with his prediction. He's already been wrong about a zillion other things he's said including:

  • A tornado that was supposed to completely destroy New Orleans
  • A King Kong-sized gorilla drinking radiated water from the Mississippi River and wreaking havoc
  • A mile-wide asteroid hitting Earth in March

I might consider traveling to New York to watch millions get swallowed by that predicted hole though. That sounds fun.

I don't mean anything personal against alleged time traveler Eno Alaric, though. I've been wrong about a lot of things, too. However, I did not travel forward in time to learn those things. I was wrong in the present tense about everything (or so I'm told).

I doubt I'd bother with preparing for Missouri to be blanketed by ash from the Yellowstone super volcano although maybe keeping a shovel handy would be a good idea.

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