Sometimes I just want the facts. Don't give me a narrative. Just give me the numbers and let me make up my own mind about how I feel about something. That's what I've found with 10 Wisconsin places who (by the numbers alone) have the highest crime indexes in the state. The results are likely not what you'd think.

One thing I adore about the database at is that it isn't a blogger with a narrative. It's data that provides raw numbers. I queried it and had it deliver the top 10 Wisconsin places with the highest crime indexes and the results were a bit surprising to me.

Here are the exact words on the methodology they use to rank the Wisconsin places:

"The crime index value is calculated based on the data using algorithms. It is an indicator of the crime level in a region. Higher crime index value means more crime."

Here are the 10 Wisconsin places with the highest crime indexes as of this writing:

1. 5,813 Lake Delton, WI / 2,936
2. 4,670 Wisconsin Dells, WI / 2,369
3. 3,808 West Milwaukee, WI / 4,214
4. 3,757 Milwaukee, WI / 598,078
5. 2,412 Racine, WI / 78,347
6. 2,407 Hayward, WI / 1,951
7. 2,234 Superior, WI / 26,932
8. 2,193 Eagle River, WI / 1,647
9. 2,130 Ashland, WI / 8,167
10. 2,054 Antigo, WI / 8,075

Here are some takeaways. Yes, it's very Milwaukee intensive which is not a surprise. Some of the smaller areas of Wisconsin that made the list were likely the result of per capita data where crime in a small town counts for more than a metro area due to the lack of population.

The neat thing about this database is you can run your own reports on Wisconsin data you'd like to know without a writer telling you how to feel about it.

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