By any and every measure, this is a monster deer. Terry Drury is a name you likely know if you're a hunter and he just took down a 216-inch buck and there's video to prove the achievement.

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I knew something was up when I saw Field & Stream share Terry's moment on Yahoo Life. As they mention, Terry is the co-owner of Drury Outdoors. I found a video on their Facebook page where Terry shows off this buck.

The Field & Stream article says that Terry got this buck on October 16, 2023. Terry called him "an absolute monarch" on the video share and he's not wrong. What a buck! The buck's name, by the way, is Mick Dundee. If you love movies about Australians from the 80's, you'll understand...mate.

It's not often you see a buck this large in your lifetime and even rarer as a hunter to take one down. Congrats to Terry Drury on quite an achievement.

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