Just when you think you've heard every possible story about a Missouri creature in the woods, something new surprises you. That's what happened to me when I came across a new story of a Missouri man who says he saw a massive creature while hunting for mushrooms.

Dennis lives in Sweet Springs, Missouri which is a lovely place, by the way. It's about halfway between Kansas City and Columbia in the heart of Missouri.

Sweet Springs, Missouri
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It's not exactly breaking news that part of Missouri has a lot of trees and forest areas. It's also a great place to hunt for mushrooms in springtime. That's what Dennis was doing when he came across...something in the woods near there. He shared his story with Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory.

Dennis said that there is a creature famous in that area known by locals as the "chicken man" because the beast has been known for stealing chickens.

Dennis - "My personal encounter of seeing one was in 1993 and I was mushroom hunting...I looked on the bank and there was some mushrooms...I was a big person...I kept hearing this real heavy breathing sound...I just happened to glance up and there he stood...right there looking at me...every bit of 8 feet tall".

What Dennis saw was only 30 feet away from him. Dennis said he was frozen in place for several minutes and was never afraid of anything, but he felt fear when he saw this massive creature even after it fled into the woods. He made it to his truck and left and didn't say anything to anyone for years because he felt that people would think he was crazy.

I'm a pretty good judge of character and I've had enough of my friends in Missouri tell me whoppers over the years that I can normally tell when someone doesn't really believe what they're saying. Listening to Dennis' testimony of what he saw, I really do believe that he believes he's being truthful. Did he really see a Bigfoot/Mo-Mo hunting mushrooms? I have no idea, but I do believe Dennis sincerely believes he saw something out of the ordinary. He's also not alone reporting strange things in that part of Missouri either.

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