Things are done differently in Missouri and I mean that as a good thing. However, there was this time when a Missouri guy saw a big bear cross a trail in front of him and his response was...different than what I probably would have done as he decided to capture video and chat with the animal.

Since this is one of those short videos on YouTube, there's no time stamp showing exactly when it was captured, but it sure is an interesting Missouri bear encounter. I do know for a fact that this happened in Missouri as the title the guy that shared it provided was "Black Bear in SW Missouri".

You really just need to watch the video with the sound on so you can hear the interesting conversation he has with the animal while he pursues it.

"This is a big black bear right here...what's up there, buddy? Huh? What's up there, buddy? Hey, buddy! Where you going?"

Just for future reference, this is not the advised way to deal with a bear if you spot one in Missouri. The National Park Service advises that you back away slowly while never turning your back on the animal. Having a fun conversation about where he's going is not a super safe idea, but I admire the guy's bravery and good-natured spirit.

The state of Missouri has told us that bear sightings would increase as the population of these apex predators gets bigger in the state, so this encounter of the bear kind in the southwestern part of the state where they are even more common should not come as a surprise.

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