I realize this will not come across to you as breaking news, but I'm not an expert in pretty much anything. I say that because I am not part of the 'experts' who are saying there are Missouri hotels and motels that you should avoid at all costs and I don't necessarily agree with their conclusions either.

Everyone on the internet has an opinion and frankly I'm not interested in most of them. What I do give credibility to are what customer satisfaction ratings say about Missouri hotels and motels. I found two rankings I trust that are both based on recent and also past hotel and motel rankings in Missouri. One is from Reader's Digest and the other was shared by Hoyt Livery.

If you're curious about what Missouri hotels and motels that would be be avoided, these two rankings are a good place to start as the one by Hoyt Livery is based on interviews with over 12,000 customers chosen at random. The one from Reader's Digest was based off of the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

With all the customer ratings factored in, what do both say are the hotel chains in Missouri you should avoid?

Motel 6 and Super 8 both came in at the very bottom of both major customer satisfaction lists.

Let me add my own two cents here. I have stayed at many Motel 6 locations and Super 8 also over the years and have had both good and bad experiences. I've also been traveling late at night when there weren't many good options and you have to stop somewhere. Here's my advice:

Before you book a room, ask to be shown one. It doesn't take long to see if the rooms are clean or if there are issues. I will say that I've stayed at more really decent Motel 6 and Super 8 locations than bad ones, but I'm not an 'expert' either as I said before. 

Don't let any internet rankings convince you that all of one hotel/motel brand are bad or good. It depends on the managers and the staff.

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