I'm not sure I would brag about this if I were the state of Missouri. I've done some intense TV show math and have learned that almost no state has been featured on the TV show "COPS" more than Missouri.

If you're somehow not familiar, COPS has been on TV most of my adult life beginning in 1983 and continuing through at least 2023. According to IMDb, here are all the episodes featuring the Arrest Me Show Me State. Notice that Kansas City was an early favorite for the COPS crews:

This is actually not even the absolutely complete list as we know that the Greene County Sheriff's Office near Springfield, Missouri signed a contract to allow the COPS crews to follow them around in April of 2023 according to Ozarks First. Keep in mind that this also doesn't feature the many Coast to Coast episodes where Missouri was a small part of a show.

I will admit that I was very amused how proud the City of Springfield seems to be about having COPS filmed there again. Back to my original thought. I'm not sure I'd be bragging about being on COPS so much, but that's just me.

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Gallery Credit: Illinois Department of Corrections