The Big Piney River is one of the more underrated waterways in Missouri. While it's a beautiful area, sometimes strange things happen in that region. That has never been more true than an encounter where a man claims he witnessed a strange creature attack a pack of wild hogs.

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The Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory just shared the story of Bill Wisely who had a crazy experience near the Big Piney River in Missouri. He said that during one trip he had a dog who was terrorized by wild hogs in that area. He said some of these beasts were over 500 pounds.

The part of Missouri he's talking about is just west of Licking, Missouri. It's a place you can only get to if you hike and/or use a 4-wheel-drive vehicle.

Wilderness near Licking, Missouri
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One night, he said they were surrounded by wild hogs causing he and his dog to retreat into his truck to take shelter. He could hear the growls of these hogs, but that was also accompanied by a horrific smell. 

It was then that he heard a bone-chilling howl and then the wild hogs surrounding them scattered. Something scared even the super-aggressive wild hogs away.

The locals near Licking, Missouri reportedly say they know a beast lives in those woods and actually feeds on the wild feral hogs. They swear they've heard the creature prey on the wild hogs. They say it sounds like Bigfoot or whatever beast this is will pick up the hogs and slam it into a tree and then consume it.


Even though this Missouri tale is obviously a strange one, I can confirm that at least part of it is definitely true. Even the Missouri Department of Conservation will tell you that many remote parts of Missouri are overrun with wild feral hogs that are aggressive toward humans. There's even a special program designed to target and eliminate them.

The question of whether there really is a Bigfoot-like creature in the woods near Licking, Missouri remains one of legend and mystery until someone can produce proof they exist there. But, the locals are already believers as they claim they've witnessed it themselves.

Listen to all of Bill's story about the Licking, Missouri encounter which starts around the 13:00 minute mark of the latest Sasquatch Theory episode.

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