Oh, internet. What shall I do with you? There are reports being passed around that claim that Missouri may require you to whip out an ID if you plan on buying an ordinary baking product because of what it's also used for. Let's explore this claim and see if there's any merit to it.

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You can't see this, but I'm rolling my eyes as I explore this topic. The question being posed by the internet is whether the state of Missouri is considering legislation to require an ID to buy something.

What is this "dangerous" baking product that Missouri is allegedly terrified of?

Answer - Baking powder (and no, I'm not making this up)

Let's clear some things up. The rumor is based off of an article by John Locke from 2007 (yes, 16 years ago, internet) Here's the quote from John other writers are running with:

Now it seems that folks in Missouri may soon need an ID to purchase Baking Soda because it’s a substance used in the development of crack-cocaine.  Now you might have to get carded in Missouri to bake a cake.

By the way, that link in John's story was based off of a report by KFVS 16 years ago that doesn't even exist anymore. (*face palm*)

Now back to what I like to call "facts". No, you don't have to present an ID to buy baking powder in Missouri. I was born and raised in Missouri and admit my home state does some weird stuff sometimes, but we're innocent on this one. At least for now. Tomorrow might be another question.

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