I feel like I'm jumping into a hornet's nest anytime that I mention anything having to do with firearms. Both sides of the issue are very passionate about their stance on gun possession and ownership. There is a new study that mentions that Illinois is one of the states that can actually "take your gun away".

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Full disclosure (and I wish more in the media would do this), I do not own a weapon, but I do support the 2nd amendment. I suppose I am a weird messenger for news like this, but here's what I found. 24/7 Wall St is actually where I saw this list of states that have laws/regulations that can result in guns being taken away from individuals.

Here's the data they shared about Illinois and having your gun potentially taken away from you:

  • Firearm removal for “extreme risk” individuals: Yes, loss of firearm for a min. of 14 days, and a max. of 6 months
  • Enforced gun removal for those with a crime-related possession ban: No
  • Enforced gun removal for domestic violence convictions?: No
  • Enforced gun removal for those under a domestic violence restraining order?: Yes
  • Firearm laws for domestic violence emergency calls: Law enforcement must remove at least some firearms

I understand both sides of this debate over guns and when they should/could be removed from their owner. The only opinion of mine that I'll add is I have never seen a criminal and/or evil person who cared about gun laws. I support background checks that are reasonable, but don't believe you'll ever fully stop someone who is evil and has made up their mind to get ahold of firearms. Just my 2 cents.

Check out the 24/7 Wall St full rundown of states that have laws like this if you'd like to understand more details on the issue.

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