I was born and raised in Missouri and first learned to drive in my dad's pickup truck. How many in the state still drive pickups? There is new data and the number is mighty impressive.

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Before I reveal it, what would be your guess for the number of pickup trucks in Missouri? Now that I've seen the real number shared by the government, I demand a recount as I think it's conservative. But, the number of dudes and gals in pickups in the Show Me State is impressive.

24/7 Wall St shared an article about what state's have the most people driving pickups and Missouri was mid-pack (which I contest). That did inspire me to seek out the real number of Missouri pickup trucks and I found it from the Federal Highway Administration.

How many pickups are there in Missouri officially?

The Federal Highway Administration says it's 34,358. They say that there are a total of 2,122,581 automobiles in Missouri, too. That explains traffic on Highway 61 every night around 5p. 

Another interesting Missouri truck stat is the 24/7 Wall St article says that trucks account for over 18% of all the vehicles on the road here. How come Mater from Cars comes to my mind right now?

Pickup trucks in Missouri are near and dear to my heart. I've had the privilege of working with the Palmyra Young Farmers as one of the voices of their annual pull for years and my first experience behind the wheel was in my dad's pickup truck on what used to be my grandma's farm in West Ely, Missouri. Good times, good times.

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