Normally going to jail is not something that anyone aspires to do. However, there is one jail in Missouri that is an exception. It's a historic 1930's jail that has been converted into a luxurious Airbnb that you can stay in now.

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I found this interesting conversion on Airbnb located in Buffalo, Missouri. It used to be the Dallas County Jail, but it's now being used for a different purpose - vacation getaways.

If you love the movie Shawshank Redemption, you're gonna love this place.

Stay Inside a Historic 1930's Missouri Jail Cell

Gallery Credit: Hosted by Patty, Airbnb

Here's a snippet of how the host Patty describes it on the Airbnb listing:

Historical 1930’s county jail renovated into a luxury stay. Front room is a beautiful gathering space with a custom window bar, couch, chairs, and TV. Front two cells have been transformed with a queen size bed into our cell suite. Solitary confinement is now a large bathroom with LED make up mirror/table & stools. Second sleeping area is original three cells / six bunks with new comfy memory mattresses.

Cost as of this writing is $156 per night according to Airbnb which isn't bad at all for a place that can host up to 8 guests. There are even more pics and details plus availability on the full Airbnb listing.

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