I wish I had a nickel for every pre-approved credit offer that arrives in my Missouri mailbox. If you're received them and then been denied credit, you might be entitled to money as part of a settlement just announced by the federal government.

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I first saw this report shared by C-Net. It's a settlement just announced this month by the Federal Trade Commission involving Credit Karma. It declared that notices were being sent to nearly a half million people who received "pre-approved" credit offers from Credit Karma between February of 2018 and April of 2021.

The Credit Karma pre-approval letters reportedly said recipients had a 90% chance at approval which was apparently not true for many.

How do you apply for settlement money in Missouri?

The Federal Trade Commission has an online portal where you can apply. But, you'll need to get it done relatively quickly. They have established a deadline for anyone that thinks they've been wronged by the Credit Karma people. The FTC says March 4, 2024 is the last day you can file for part of this settlement.

How much money could I get from this FTC settlement?

The FTC can't provide estimated amounts since it will depend on how many people file complaints. If you think you deserve part of this money, make sure to check out the Federal Trade Commission site for more details and updates.

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