You might feel like you can say anything you want on social media since this is a free country because of that free speech thing without any repercussions. Guess again. I found video proof that the FBI can knock on your Missouri door over something you shared on Facebook. It happens all the time.

I saw this harrowing account on the website Reason about what happened to one American citizen after they posted something on Facebook that the FBI did not like (figuratively or literally). This just happened in Stillwater, Oklahoma to a lady named Rolla Abdeljawad. Rolla posted an update on Facebook and shortly after federal agents were knocking on her door. She captured video of the incident and shared it on X (aka Twitter).

For the record, I don't agree with that woman's political statement, but if the feds can show up at her door over something she said, they can show up at my Missouri home just like they can yours if I post something that "concerns them". That's disturbing.

Reason confirmed from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that these really were their agents that showed up at the Oklahoma woman's home and that they do it all the time. Get this. The story says that Facebook receives 73,956 requests from law enforcement over information on users and they comply more than 83% of the time. The FBI told them that they don't do any investigations that are based only on free speech issues, but they are sworn to "protect the constitution" and make sure that no one has "any ill will".

I don't know about you, but this borders on intimidation. I always support law enforcement whether it's federal or local to do what they need to do to protect the innocent. But, showing up at someone's door just because they shared something controversial on social media seems over the top.

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