I've heard my share of Missouri Bigfoot stories, but never one quite like this. A Missouri man claims he had one of these mythical creatures drawn to him possibly because of the awesome music he was playing on his car stereo.

I understand the possibility that you're going to laugh at the story that I'm about to share with you, but the Missouri man involved in this close encounter of the cryptid kind really does have an interesting story about how his most excellent classic rock songs may been responsible.

A man named Gary from Columbia, Missouri shared his crazy story with the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory and it's a doozie. It happened to the east of Columbia off on Route Z. That's located approximately here.

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Google Maps Satellite View

Here's what Gary described about his Missouri Bigfoot encounter:

Gary - "My wife was working...I wouldn't sit in the parking lot. I would sit off the side of the road...sit down there and listen to my music. I'd listen to it pretty loud...I'm still a child of the 80's...I'm listening to music. I had my passenger side window down...and I start hearing that talk again...perhaps 20 to 30 yards away".

It was when Gary looked in his rearview mirror that he knew something was wrong.

Gary - "It got really close...probably within 20 to 25 feet...I could still hear the talking going on...I got this overwhelming feeling of calm...too calm. I looked to my driver's side mirror...and I swear there was somebody...6 to 6 1/2 foot tall...kind of bulky, but nothing huge. The talking stopped. Turned on my headlights...it was all black."

Gary still thought it might be a person, but the talking he heard wasn't human.

The next night, Gary had another encounter in the same place with the same...thing.

Gary - "Around 9:30...10 o'clock at night, I'm sitting there listening to ZZ Top, AC/DC...I paused to pick the next song...when a tree came crashing down with ungodly force..."

Fortunately, Gary was not hit by the falling tree, but he headed out because he did not want to meet whatever it was that shoved that tree down.

Highly recommend you listen to Gary's full interview with Sasquatch Theory. I believe that he's sincere about what he thinks he experienced, but you be the judge. Oh, and might want to be careful where you listen to your awesome tunes at from now on.

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