Missouri is known for mysterious creatures including Bigfoot, Mo-Mo, Sasquatch among others. But, did you know that the smelliest monster of them all exists somewhere in the Ozarks right across the Missouri border according to legends?

I came across stories of this legendary creature looking over some of the most famous monsters of the Ozarks from Ranker. It's tall tales regarding The Boggy Creek Monster. Ranker says "The monster allegedly smells awful and is covered in hair". Did someone follow me around in the woods? I have to ask...

Boggy Creek via YouTube
Boggy Creek via YouTube

If you cross the Missouri border to the Arkansas part of the Ozarks, you'll hear stories about what some refer to as the Fouke Monster. This creature is about 8 feet tall and some say could weigh up to 800 pounds. It was first sighted in 1908 and as recent as 2021. There was even a major motion picture in the 1970's which was a drive-in favorite for many.

The official Fouke Monster website says the creature has been featured on many famous TV and online series including "Monsters and Mysteries in America, Finding Bigfoot, Mysteries at the Museum, Monster Quest, Lost Tapes, and Weird Travels".

The stories of this horrific smelling Ozarks creature continue to be told. If you have your own or just want to follow updates, new tales are being added to the Fouke Monster website all the time.

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