This is not a smell you want to mess with until you know everything's okay and that's a slim possibility to start with.

The smell of rotten eggs is one of the most putrid and worst out there and is usually one of the most dangerous. While there are several reasons you could have that disgusting, sulfur-like smell, the most common one is the most serious and can be life-threatening.

You don't want to fool around with a gas leak which is exactly what is most likely happening in your house if you start smelling rotten eggs in your home. According to the website How Stuff Works, a natural gas leak means your home is at risk for a fire or explosion.

According to the website Project Perfect Home, since there isn't a device that you can install in your home to warn you about a gas leak you need to take the horrible stench of rotten eggs seriously and call the gas company's emergency number immediately as well as 911.

Jen Theodore
Jen Theodore

Gas on its own is odorless so utility companies inject it with a substance that smells like rotten eggs to warn you if there is a leak. So as soon as you get a whiff then you most likely have a gas leak that needs attention, and fast.

There is a chance that professionals rule out a gas leak which is fantastic however, you're still stuck with the sulfury smell that rotten eggs emit. According to the website Angi, here are some of the other causes that aren't life-threatening that you an try to rectify on your one or just call a professional.


To get rid of the smell run cool water in any sinks and tubs where the smell is strongest for 10 minutes or pour a cup of vinegar or bleach down the drain. If this doesn't work, call a plumber.


This existed from 2001 through 2009 and you will need a professional drywall expert to get rid of the smell.


Listen for gurgling when you use sinks and toilets because it could be an extremely clogged drain vent. Most likely this situation requires a plumber to fix.

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