A man on Reddit is contemplating cutting off his 23-year-old daughter financially after she declared she won't take care of him when he's old because she doesn't get along with his new wife.

"My wife and I got together when she was at college. My ex-wife doesn't like her, and I have a feeling that is the biggest part of it. My daughter can't really seem to point to what she doesn't like, just general 'she is a stuck up b,' or 'she always has an attitude,'" he wrote.

"My daughter recently graduated, and we have been helping her pay bills here and there as she looked for a job in her field. We usually give her around $1,000 a month," the frustrated dad continued on Reddit.

During a recent family visit, the man's daughter and wife "got into an argument over my daughter leaving a mess in the kitchen."

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"As I tried to diffuse things my daughter started screaming that I was a POS for siding with my wife, and that she was going to remember this when I am older and need her. This floored me. At this point I just walked away," he shared.

After thinking about the argument, the man realized he doesn't want his "future to be in the hands of someone else, especially someone who intends to lord that over me."

"I would never place the expectation on her to care for me, but I do feel like since she has made it clear that any support from her in my old age would come with strings, it makes more sense to invest that money, so that my later years will be paid for," he explained, asking Reddit if he should redirect the money he gives to his daughter to a retirement account instead.

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Users in the comments section urged the man to cut his daughter off.

"Put $1,000 a month into a retirement fund," one person wrote.

"The entitlement is crazy... and then the daughter calling her dad's wife stuck up, while the daughter is being gifted $1K/month... Insanity," another chimed in.

"Don't even tell her upfront, just stop sending the money to her," someone else advised.

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