If the state owes you any Lotto money it's time to collect.

There have been many causalities of Illinois' inability to pass a budget. One of them was the lottery system. For awhile now prizes over $600 have been withheld from winners until further notice.

Well the notice came when Governor Rauner signed SB 2047 giving the Illinois Lottery legal authority to continue all prize payouts.

Acting Director Tim McDevitt made it official Thursday night;

By passing SB 2047, Governor Rauner and the General Assembly are ensuring that the Illinios Lottery can continue its mission of supporting K-12 education, capital projects and select charitable causes throughout Illinois.

This comes as a sigh of relief to all those playing the lottery to further their charitable contributions. Oh, and it also makes anyone owed a couple grand feel good as well.

Growing up with two math teachers as parents I was taught that playing the lottery didn't make mathematical sense. If you literally can't win money it makes even less sense so hopefully this will spike the Lotto's declining ticket sales.