Things got contentious on the Morning Show today. 

Riley and I have been working together on the morning show for about 4.5 years now. We usually agree on most things. Disagreements are usually just a matter of preference. We normally see eye to eye on at least what the facts are.

Then we started talking about toys.

The story that got us on the subject was the 2020 entrants to the Toy Hall of Fame. A made-up thing that was created to get media-type people to talk about them. It works great because everyone likes to talk about toys.

The entrants to the 2020 class included:

  • Baby Nancy - The first mass-marketed African-American doll released in 1968 when diversity just wasn't a thing. We both agreed that it was a worthy entry and most importantly it was a toy.
  • Sidewalk Chalk - Lame but technically a toy. Riley wasn't as sure about chalk being a toy but we eventually agreed.
  • Jenga - Awesome game. But toy status is in HIGH dispute.

Riley's claim was that Jenga was a game, not a toy. We already had this disagreement about bingo, it was up for the Hall but the selection committee didn't feel it was their year.

I took a quick straw poll of the building and I started to feel very alone.

First, we saw Double T from the Eagle in the hallway. "T, is Jenga a toy?" I asked.  "No, it's a game," he replied. I asked JB and Lil' Zim at Q98.5. They both said it was a game as well. JB added "Can you buy Jenga at a game store? Can you buy toys at a game store?" Logic was starting to fly in my face. My last saving grace in the building was MJ down at ZOK (Steve Shannon is currently quarantining.) I texted her "Real quick. Is Jenga a toy?" Her reply? "It's a game."

I was crushed.

I do still have an ace in the hole though and his name is Geoffery. That's right, this guy:


Ever hear of him? It's right there in the name. I posit that anything that could have been found in a Toys R Us qualifies as a toy.  I mean they're the experts, right? Riley countered with the fact that they are currently out of business so my point is moot.

He's unaware that this is a hill I will die on. Will the friction pour over into Wednesday's show? Too early to tell, tune in tomorrow morning at 5 AM to find out.

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