Illinois has many roads, interstates, and the famous Route 66, but sometimes tiredness takes over and you may need to sleep for a bit. So, is it legal to sleep in your car?

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All the states have their own sleeping-in-car laws, but in Illinois, you CAN LEGALLY sleep in your car at rest stops. According to there are 30 rest stops and 11 welcome centers in the state where people can get some sleep if they need a few hours off the road. You can see a full map of all the rest locations below.

You can sleep in your car day or night at Illinois rest stops, which are mapped here. While there is a three-hour time limit, law enforcement officers will let you sleep for safety reasons if you really need to.

However, be careful, if you are found sleeping in a car while intoxicated you can be arrested.

Chicago and other big cities have stricter parking laws, so read all parking signs carefully. In Illinois, you can be arrested for sleeping in your car while intoxicated.

I am not a long-=distance driver, I can barely make it to St. Louis and back sometimes, let alone drive to Chicago by myself. Rest stops are all major interstates that have come in handy for me. Not that I slept, but it's been a good reason to get out of the car and stretch for a few minutes before getting back on the road.

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