Can the Chicago culinary scene afford to lose one of its premier offerings?

Now full disclosure, this entire blog is based on a reddit post so take however many grains of salt you need with this news.

Reddit user RfcWDFclosing (an obvious throw-away account) posted this yesterday:

Reddit - As the post says RFCWDF (Rainforest Woodfield), that’s the name of the store for corporate settings, will be shut down before December 31st. I know this because I was on the call yesterday with corporate and we were told of the plans. We were told not to tell our employees but that is just so screwed up so I am posting it here in hopes our employees will find out. I will get an option for a severance package or to be transferred and frankly I don’t know what I’ll do yet. The hourly employees that will be scheduled the last day will be coming into a closed restaurant and asked to help take the store apart for a small amount of money. I’m posting this from a burner account due to not wanting our IT department to go through my posts and possibly figure out who I am. The RFCDTC location, Rainforest Downtown Chicago, will be closing by the end of the lease which is roughly 20 months. Things could always turn around but the only store that makes money anymore is Gurnee and they will not be going anywhere.

I looked up how many Michelin stars The Rainforest Cafe has garnered in their existence and the internet says it's 0. Only two explanations for that. Either A) The Michelin guides don't know good food from a hole in the ground or B) They're just waiting for there to be a 4-star category to hand out. Those are the only two explanations that will satisfy me.

Again, this could all be a big hoax from some jokester on Reddit, but if you want to get some Amazon Fajitas™, Jungle Steak and Shrimp™, or Anaconda Pasta™ in your system, you might have to act quick.

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