Governor-elect JB Pritzker said one of the first things he'll do after he gets sworn in will attempt to make marijuana legal.

There are many detractors in Illinois that aren't cool with the idea of Pritzker legalizing weed, and that includes the entire state of Iowa.

Folks in the Quad Cities are concerned with Illinois' marijuana legalization due to how quickly residents on the Iowa side can get into the state.

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane tells KWQC " it is reasonable to assume the drug will make its way to his home state."

However, that could be a bit more difficult than just picking up a six pack of beer and driving it over state lines.

To get weed legally you'd need a valid Illinois state ID with a matching picture and without that, you can't buy the stuff.

Not saying marijuana won't make its way over state lines, but it appears there are steps in place to make it more difficult.

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