How would you react to finding out that your stimulus check was $8,198,300 more than the $1,700 you were expecting?

If you answered "I would take that money and make a run for it," you probably work here.

Most normal, law-abiding, jail-avoiding people would probably say that they would want to double check that total as quickly as possible.

And, that's what Charles Calvin, of New Chicago, Indiana did. He checked his receipt twice to make sure that his eyes weren't fooling him.

They weren't.

Charles, a volunteer firefighter, went to his bank last Friday, hoping/expecting to see that his stimulus check for $1,700 had arrived. It had, and then some.

“I went to the ATM at the Family Express and once I withdrew $200 out of my account I looked at the available balance still left in my account,” he said.

He said his account had $8.2 million in it. He was only supposed to receive $1,700.

Not believing what he was seeing, he ran his card again but it said the same thing.

On Monday morning, Calvin called his bank and they said they didn't see that amount in his checking account anymore. However, they did note that his $1,700 stimulus payment was deposited.

Now the volunteer firefighter is left wondering if there was some sort of fluke and if taxpayers are receiving way more or less than they should.

“It kind of sucks,” he said. “You go from being a millionaire one second then back to being broke again. But hey, once you're poor you don't have anywhere else to go but up.”

Calvin still isn't sure if this was an error on behalf of the federal government, his bank or the particular ATM he used, but he said he's just glad he did end up with the amount he was entitled to.


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