The next time you are in Wisconsin and thinking about picking on a seeing eye dog (I'm sure that happens a lot) don't because it's illegal! By all mean, dress your dog in an Aaron Rodgers jersey, but don't play "got your nose" with Fluffy.

State by state, there are laws that are in place that will make you question the sobriety of these law makers. I mean, Wisconsin bizarre laws all have to be about cheeses and beer consumption, right? Wrong!

Wisconsin has their fair share of weird rules and laws, and we will touch on a few of then here and eventually get to the "don't pick of Fido" law. WhoNew

It’s Illegal to Serve Margarine in Wisconsin - We covered this one before, there was tons of illegal margarine being shipped into Wisconsin at one point and the whole state was in a buttery rage!

It’s Illegal Not to Give Livestock the Right-of-Way - Cutting off that cow crossing, is a no-no.

When Two Trains Meet, Neither Should Proceed Until the Other One Has - You go, no you go, no you go...

Businesses May Only Base Their Hours on Central Time - Since Wisconsin is in the central time zone and all...

Wisconsin Cheese Must Be “Highly Pleasing” - What about all those super stinky cheeses? I don't find those "highly pleasing."

Now to the doggy law....If someone is using a seeing eye dog, in Wisconsin it is illegal to harass the dog. Pretend to give it a snack, have it chase an imaginary ball, guide to dog and owner into a pond? Just don't do it.

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