This popular outdoor movie theater in Illinois is hosting a fun family event before an upcoming special double feature.

One Of The Best Summer Activities

I absolutely love summertime because there are so many fun outdoor activities. One of the best is going to the drive-in movie theater. I have so many great memories. I remember going with my parents as a kid. My friends and I would go when were in high school and college. I'm so excited they have made a comeback over the last couple of years. Now, I take my own family.

Belvidere Park Will Be Turned Into a Drive-In Theater

Drive-In Movie Theater Is All About The Experience

Of course, some people will say that IMAX is the ultimate experience. I'm going to have to disagree. For me, it's the drive-in. They are usually in the middle of nowhere. You get there early to pick out a good spot. Sit in your car or bring some lawn chairs. There's the picnic dinner from the old-school snack bar. Then check out the movie under the stars. It makes for an amazing night.

Pop Up Urban Drive In Movie Theater Opens In Miami's Wynwood Neighborhood
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Making The Drive-In Experience Even Better

Going to the drive-in theater is already an awesome experience. McHenry Outdoor Theater does a great job and now they are going to make your trip even better. They are hosting a pre-movie party before a special double feature that will include plenty of fun for the whole family.

A parked car at a drive-in movie theater.

Details For The McHenry Outdoor Theater Pre-Movie Party

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The events are on July 29th (Friday) and July 30th (Saturday). The special double feature those nights are "Lightyear" and "Thor: Love And Thunder." Make sure to get there early because there's a lot more going on. There will be trivia, raffles, prizes, bounce house, Cosplayers, mysticism, mind reading, and more.

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