What would you do if you found baby skunks in your yard? The solution isn't simple especially if you understand the law in Illinois that says you can't trap and release them. A homeowner in Illinois shared video of their dilemma.

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It's a 7 second video shared on the Illinois sub-Reddit, but it's a vexing problem. Baby skunks in the yard and you can't trap them. What would you do in this situation?

This has inspired an interesting discussion on Reddit. The first comment mentioned the fact that you can't trap and release a skunk in Illinois. They claimed if you call animal control, the animals will be euthanized. Wildlife Illinois confirms that striped skunks captured in Illinois must be euthanized.

The Deerfield, Illinois website explains the trapping of skunk issue:

Residents are not permitted to trap and/or kill skunks without a license (state law 520 ILCS 5).

Ah, the old "get a permit to trap a skunk trick". Wildlife Illinois included the fact that striped skunks are protected as "furbearers".

In this case, I'd be tempted to choose door #3 and just leave the skunks alone to be skunks. Letting nature be nature might be the best option with such a complex skunk situation that Illinois has in place. Or, just put it up to a vote on Reddit. That usually ends well.

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