If you're looking for a place for a group to stay in Northern Illinois but want to avoid a cramped hotel room, you are going to want to check this place out.

You're guaranteed to be in good hands as far as a host is concerned because this is the same person who owns this highly rated Spanish-style villa in Rockford. The special Airbnb, the focus of this article, is in very nearby Loves Park, Illinois.

Families or groups with kids and dogs will love this place. Yes, it is kid and dog friendly. There's also a private year-round hot tub.

Little-Known Airbnb In Illinois Is Perfect For Adults, Kids, and Pets

This Airbnb features a Jungle Room, Crystal Room, coffee bar and bistro, hidden treasures for kids and pets, an arcade, and more.

Find more information, availability, and prices here.

This Nautical Illinois Airbnb Has Its Own Private Beach

Illinois Airbnb's Basement Arcade is a Gamer's Paradise

This is QUITE the game selection.

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