All good things do come to an end and sadly that includes the life of beloved zoo animals. A zoo in Illinois just shared the news that one of their bears has now passed after his health declined to the point where he was beyond help.

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The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago just shared the news of Jim the 27-year-old brown bear being euthanized after a recent evaluation.

It appears that Jim lived a long and happy life. A to Z Animals mentions that brown bear lifespans vary, but generally it's 10 to 20 years. A bear in the wild having to compete for food sources is obviously not gonna live as one in captivity like Jim. 25 is considered a very long bear life so Jim's 27 was quite an accomplishment.

According to the Brookfield Zoo status update, Jim has been a part of their zoo community when he and his brother arrived way back in 1995 when he was just 6 months old after their mother was killed by a hunter. Here they are during one of their happier bear brother moments.

Make sure to follow the Brookfield Zoo on Facebook for more updates and information about all of their animals.

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